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What clients say about our Salon Services and our L.A. Styles Natural Botancial Hair Products.

Megan Lange, Pa

I'm in love with my hair. You should have seen the wolfish look my finance  gave me when I walked by his work section. We done GOOD Blonde!! 

Joseph Chandler, Laguna Nigail, Ca.

Recording artist, Musician, Singer

L.A. Styles is fabulous!  I'm a Recording Artist, and Carol does my hair for all occasions. She is the BEST! I've gone to others, who don't give you a precision haircut. I am picky. I like a 70's look with layers. She is the only one who can do this. When I get highlights, I feel like 'Hollywood'. It's awesome! My wife also gets her hair done with Carol and it looks fab!!
You will love Carol not only as a hair artist, but also a person.
Thanks Carol!

Joanna Sundell, CA

Carol, Thank you so much for the wonderful hairstyles. I feel very lucky to have you as my hairstylist. Your products help to keep my hair healthy. I love my hair cut.


  Peggy, CA           

Carol, I love my cut and color. Thank You. You are wonderful and  

I appreciated your products.    

Carol has kept my hair fresh and up to date for over 30 yrs!!!'...Robyn from Dana Point

  Regis Philbin
Dear Carol,  and my hair thanks you too!  My Best To You I thank you.

Robyn, Laguna, CA
I LOVE my haircut, thanks and Happy Day.

Bev Evans, CA
 Quality, Customer Service, Wait Time, Environment
Carol  is very nice & extremely knowledgeable of cut, color and  health of  hair. Products used are all-natural. Love my new style!
    Karen Snyder, FL
I  wanted to tell you I love your hair products.   My split ends look much much better!!! Great stuff!
Take care, love you.
Marie H., Lansdale, PA
Carol  Hartman, owner of L A Styles in Newport Beach, is the best  hairdresser  I've ever had.  She is truly an artist.  I live in Pa. and  she is so  dedicated to her craft, that she maintains a salon in  Souderton, Pa, and  travels every six to eight weeks from Newport Beach,  to provide a  service to her clients there.  She also has a fantastic  line of hair  products.  I don't know what I would do if she stopped  coming to Pa.  I  guess I'd have to make the trip to Newport Beach.  She's that good.   :-)
 Vanessa A.,  Costa Mesa, Ca.
 I  went but  for a cut and color.  Carol was very flexible and able to   accommodate a short notice appointment.  She picked a beautiful color   similar to what I had previous, one that came out very natural and   complimentary on me.  I've already had several compliments on it and   love the color myself.  For the hair style itself, I gave her free  reign  and a couple ideas of styles I have had before.  She gave me a  great  hairstyle that is perfect for my lifestyle (low maintenance), yet  also  very versatile and can go from office professional to edgy night  on the  town with ease.  The stylist seemed very knowledgeable of how to  cut to  the person's facial features, hair texture and lifestyle  needs.  The  owner of the salon did my hair, so I'm not sure if the  previous reviewer  had a different stylist, but the woman who did my  hair was a seasoned  professional and I received a fantastic color and  cut. I would  definitely recommend her.
I liked that all of her products  (including  the color process) are eco-friendly and non-animal tested, so  if being  sensitive to environmental and animal impact is important to  you, this  is a great place to go. You do not walk away smelling like a  chemical  factory and feeling like you just inhaled one.
Overall, a very positive experience for me and a place to come back to.
Kris Fosbenner, Sellersville, Pa 

 Carol  has been styling my hair for years.  It's always great, through  many  style changes, color and length changes, she always manages to  provide a  great look! I would never go anywhere else!

Gail Pence, Laguna Niguel, CA
L.A.  Styles is the BEST!   Carol Hartman is the owner of this fantastic   boutique style beauty salon and Spa in Newport Beach.  Carol has won   numerous professional awards over the years for her fantastic hair   styling abilities.  Carol also worked with a renowned biochemist to   develop her own line of organic botanical hair products, which she   proudly uses and sells at her salon.  If you're looking for a great new   look, she is the right stylist to provide it.   She has been cutting  my  hair for years and I highly recommend her services and products.
Raymond Louison, Huntington Beach, CA
LA  Styles is a hidden gem of a salon and spa! They also have a fabulous   line of botanical hair products. Carol is an artist with haircuts,  color  and is always up to date on the latest trends. I am very pleased  with  her attention to detail and her creative talent. I highly  recommend  Carol and her salon to anyone wanting a stylist who really  listens to  what you want and makes it happen. I have been going to Caro  for almost 3  years now. I will not go to anyone else, I am spoiled!
Gail Pence,  Laguna Niguel, CA
LA  Style is GREAT!  Carol has been doing my hair for 5 years now and is  a  great stylist!  She uses botanical hair color which is plant based  in  lieu of ammonia like 99% of the other salons use.  It is much safer  for  your hair and is not stinging to your scalp.  She keeps track of  what  you like and remembers the different styles you may have tried  over the  years.  I would recommend her very highly.
Scott Fabel, Castro Valley, CA
Environment, Customer Service, Other, Wait Time, Quality
Always  the best experience, leaving with a great do that I get endless   compliments on. And words of wisdom as well!!! Carol is charming.
Newport Beach, CA
Environment, Customer Service, Other, Wait Time, Quality
They listen to what you Want
Newport Beach, CA

Hi Carol - I just received the spray you sent me in the mail! Thank you so much! That is just the nicest thing ever.
You have the best customer service I have ever seen!
Courtney Lane
Account Success Manager
M 469.879.2603  O 512.660.3000  
3108 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78705

Dorothy, Newport Beach CA
Thank  you for opening your shop for the wedding. I am impressed with  your  rewards, and talents and you .  I hope we have a long friendship.  Your  shop and all you have accomplished are worthy of praises. You are   special too. Blessings.
Megan Lage, Souderton, PA
Carol  is a phenomenal hairstylist. She's worked with me since I was 4  years  old and has always been able to create whatever hair vision I've  had.   You would be lucky to have her as your stylist.
Marie Hagner <highnotevocals@verizon.net> The Highest Skilled Vocal Teacher  Lansdale, Pa.
Hi Carol- I  just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did on  my hair.   The haircut is perfect as usual and you went out of your way  to find  just the right formula for my color.  You are a gem.  I don't  know any  other person in your profession who goes out of their way for  their  clients like you do.  I want you to know how much I appreciate  your  coming out to Pennsylvania.  Thanks again and looking forward to  seeing  you soon.
 Hi Carol! Thank you so much for doing my  hair the other day. You really  are a great help and I cannot wait to  tell my friends about you. The  level of confidence you assert in what  you do is beyond what I expected  from stylists. In fact, I can honestly  say that you are the best  hairdresser I've ever talked to. Keep up the  good work wherever you are!

 Linda, CA
I Love Love Love L.A. Styles Hair Products.
Diane Elshimy, Ruth Kanpenberg, Berth Scalon, Jaime Garis, Shawn Alderfer, Pa.
Ellis Toder,  Huntington Valley, PA
My  Scalp Was Itching with professional hair products, I used L.A.  Styles  Shampoo and Conditioner and it stopped my itchy scalp. I'm  telling you, I  use your shampoo and conditioner and it stopped. the  itching,
We miss you in Pa.  

  Marie H. High Notes Vocal Teacher, Lansdale,PA
Hi Carol-
I  just wanted to thank you for my fabulous haircut and hair coloring.    You are an expert at what you do and it shows in the quality of the   service and products that you provide.  Can't wait to see you.

 Male Client,  PA
Cowlick Control is fabulous with L A Styles Products, it's just 1-2-3
1- Wash, brush with   Curl Re-activator Spriz
2- Spritz on       Designer Styling Lotion
3- Spritz wth  Maximum Hair Spray
Holds all day from AM to PM-- SHINE but not plastered.
I love it !  

Michele  PA

Hey   Carol….I was having breakfast with my son and he asked me if I got my   hair cut…..he then said it is very hip and I am looking like a   hipsterJ….then he said he liked it very much….so do I…..you are   amazing!!!!!!!!….and I am very blessed to know you and greatly   appreciate your talents and service!!!!!!
 I love it!!!!!!!! …and you!!!!!!  Major thanks.
Keren  Harleysville, PA
Hi Carol--just wanted to say it was great seeing you and I LOVE my hair.  The color is finally what I've been wanting Looking forward to my next  visit!
Donna  Huntington Beach, CA

Hi Carol!
I  want to extend my gratitude for doing my hair yesterday. I love it so   much! A lot of people at work raves about it and how it looks good on   me.  Even my sister wants to do her hair now too but she's young and my   mother probably won't let her dye her hair yet.
Thank  you so much for letting me be your model and I definitely had fun   talking to you.  My fiancee hasn't seen pictures yet of my hair but  i'm  sure he will like it.
Thank you again so much. I really think my hair looks awesome. Totally different but in a good way =)
Blah to VAVOOM!:  Newport Beach, CA

I  have been trying for the last year to grow my hair out . I got a  really  bad haircut and ended up with really short hair. Then, when ever  I went  for a weave, they wanted to trim it and it just got even worse!  EHHH!! I  tried Carol and I was so happy I almost cried! Normally my  hair takes  around 50 minutes to come up and with Carol's 5 Minute hair  color, my  hair was blond in 15 minutes! Not only is it unbelievably  soft but she  corrected the bad cut AND color and my hair looks shiny  and healthy. She  used a styling cream and serum which made my normally  limp, thin hair  thick and full. I NEVER buy hair products but I was so  happy with how my  hair felt and looked I bought the shampoo and the  conditioner. I never  thought I would get back a full head of hair like I  used to have and now  I know I will finally have the long hair I have  been so desperately  wanting back again in no time! I refer all my  friends to Carol...hand  s  down the best stylist in OC
Marie Hagner  Lansdale, PA highnotevocals
Thank you for my beautiful hair and color.  I love it!!!!  You are so amazing. 

Brenda Davidson  PA
I love, love the haircut you gave me in Feb. I have received tons of compliments .Thank you!

 Kay Mulvaney  Newport Beach, CA
Carol,   I have been meaning to forward you an e-mail...I love my hair.   My  sister and mom like your products. Actually I have lost the shampoo  and  hair spray to them, I need more. thank you so much and I look  forward to  my next visit. Best Regards, 

   Marie Hagner  Lansdale, PA
I  just wanted to take this time to thank you for my beautiful haircut   and color.  As usual you've done a flawless job.  I'm so grateful that   you are taking time to come back to Pennsylvania every couple of months   to work with your clients here.  Thanks also for the wonderful line of   products you have developed.  I love the color saver shampoo.  It  really  makes my hair color last.  Looking forward to seeing you again   soon.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  God Bless.

Nancy Burchell  Costa Mesa, CA
This  past Thanksgiving, one of the people I gave thanks for was my  new-found  hairdresser, Carol Hartman, at LA Styles! It was my lucky day  when I  walked into her salon, after being referred by a friend, and  discovered  that she truly was exceptional in every way. First of all, I  was  impressed that she took the time to consider the shape of my face,  my  complexion, hair texture, personality and lifestyle. It soon became   apparent to me that Carol was an experienced, well-trained, and   up-to-date stylist who was passionate about her work and fully equipped   to give me the more current look I was hoping for. My hair color has   never looked more natural, with multi-colored highlights that shine!  The  haircut she gave me is amazing, making it so easy for me to style,  and I  love her natural line of hair care products!  I left the salon  with a  smile on my face and have lost track of the number of  compliments I have  received in the past couple of weeks! 
Michele, Dental Hygienist  PA
You are truly a gift to many-You are so talented and gifted. I don't know how to begin to thank you for the Brilliant job you did on my hair It is exactly   what I envisioned it to be. I have attempted through the past few  years  to get this look and no stylist was able to project it onto me,  They  made my hair horrible, they couldn't even style it.
You are amazing !!!
I have been enjoying your products.They last a long time.
Thank you so very much for taking your time to meet my hair needs, as well as my make-up lessons. Truly grateful. 

Dottie Creamer, FL
I  recommend Carol because she is a true artist with talents that are   rarely found. She is exceptional in so many ways. Here are a few:
1. She has developed her own natural products and makes them available for a very affordable price. She cares about your budget.
2. She constantly updates her training to deliver the very latest techniques to her clients. She cares about her clients.
3.  She is an international award winning stylist. Recognized by her  peers  as a leader in the industry. She cares enough to do the very  best.
4. She really listens to you and customizes her services to suit your specific needs. She cares enough to listen.
5.  She always manages to take whatever time is necessary to add the   finishing touches which conveys that she cares and that you are   important to her.
 Denise Wiszneski, Medical Business   Telford. PA

Hi Carol, I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for my new look! I absolutely LOVE IT!
It's  amazing how much a new haircut can make you feel like a new woman!  You  did an excellent job, just like I knew you would! I appreciate the  time  you spent on me and especially all the little "details" you  thought of  prior to the cut. I've gotten nothing but positive responses  and it  feels great! I owe  it all to you and I thank you!
Marie Hagner, Professional Singer  Lansdale, PA

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